Sundale Dairy, one of the fastest growing companies in East London, has brought home two Qualité bronze awards from the annual Dairy Championships hosted in Cape Town.

The prestigious awards promote excellence in dairy products and are now in their 186th year. An average of 945 products from 83 producers are judged by a panel of 70 expert judges who evaluate appearance, texture and flavour of the products in 10 categories. The championships reward dairy manufacturers for innovation and give recognition for quality products. Only a few outstanding products are awarded the Qualité Mark of Excellence.

Sundale took 3rd place in two categories, winning bronze in the Medium Fat Fruited Yoghurt category and for the third consecutive year, a bronze award for their Dairy Snack Yoghurt. Last year Sundale also achieved a 3rd place for their Gouda cheese in the Rindless Gouda Cheese category.

According to Sundale Food Technologist Japie Steyl, “the superior taste and quality of our products are as a direct result of the milk sourced from pasture fed cows in this area. In addition to that, we did a lot of research and innovation to determine what the market needed. A vast number of trials were performed to ensure that the product attributes are enhanced to customer satisfaction. We are committed to improve our product range further so that we reach gold in the future.”

The Sundale dairy basket includes traditionally churned butter, double cream yoghurt, full cream milk, full cream maas, the award winning range of low fat fruit yoghurts, Dairy Snack yoghurts, cream cheese, Gouda and Cheddar cheese. Their products are available at all leading retailers and wholesalers throughout the Eastern Cape