Sundale Dairy jumped to the aid of victims of fires in Nompumelelo that destroyed 20 shacks over the weekend.

According to CEO, Pierre van Rensburg, Sundale has a relationship with Ripples for Change, an NPO that supports Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in rural communities and through this association, they have been supporting communities in and around the city. Van Rensburg said that “we have been supplying the reading club in Nompumelelo with our new restorative drink, Yo-Mageu and when we heard about the fires, we were more than happy to help.”

The dairy recently announced the acquisition of Cookhouse Creamery that is set to create 40 new jobs in the region. They will be producing cheddar, gouda and mozzarella at the new facility which is still undergoing major upgrades. Production is already underway and the first cheddar cheese is maturing, getting ready for market.
Van Rensburg said “we are well aware of the dire circumstances facing our communities and are committed to pushing forward to achieve substantial growth that will change the lives of those most in need.”