Sundale Dairy has increased the prices they pay farmers for the second time this year. An initial  price increase for their farmers was implemented in January this year to offset the devastating effects of the prolonged drought in the region.

 In a statement to the press, Sundale CEO Pierre van Rensburg said “we are in a growth phase and we rely on our farmers for our sustainability and continued growth. The farmers who supply us still face tough farming conditions so we have increased the prices they receive from us by another 7%.”

Sundale use  3-million litres of milk per month to supply the increasing demand for their expanding basket of products. Their milk, yoghurts, maas and butter is sold at Checkers, Shoprite, SPAR and OK Foods in the Eastern Cape and their butter is now supplied nationally under the Woolworths label. The recent addition of a cheese factory at the plant in the East London IDZ (ELIDZ)has increased demand by 18 000 of litres of milk per day.

By supporting the farmers with regular price increases, they secure supply of controlled quality milk to consumers. The Eastern Cape is the natural home of dairy farmers and consequently, the milk produced here is from pasture fed cows which contributes to the natural goodness and creamy texture of the end products.