The food industry is growing to keep abreast of the growing demands of an increasing population, providing numerous opportunities for the launch of new dairy and related products. Texture is one of the key market trends driving this market and smooth yoghurt is one of the most loved dairy foods, particularly by millennials. In line with these trends, Sundale Dairy has announced the launch of a 6 x 100g Smooth yogurt.

According to Sundale Food Technologist Japie Steyl, “we have been hard at work in the laboratory to develop a smooth yoghurt that combines the best natural flavours and colours to deliver a yoghurt that satisfies the demands of the market.”

One of the biggest market opportunities for the new Smooth 6 x 100g packs is school children. The packaging is designed with convenience in mind so that mothers can include them in school lunch boxes. Dairy remains one of the primary sources of protein in developing countries and is a nutritionally rich, balanced food source, ideal for active and growing children.

Currently the largest employer in the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ), Sundale is actively pursuing new markets and opportunities. The recent addition of a cheese factory at the plant and investment in a R 2-million boiler to facilitate improved efficiencies at the plant, speak to the ethos of innovation and efficiency. Sundale products include milk from pasture fed cows, cheese, yoghurt, dairy blends and traditionally churned butter.

The new Smooth yoghurt packs will be available in all major retailers including Shoprite, Checkers, SPAR and Pick ‘n Pay and at all independent traders. Stock will be available in-store from 20 March.