Kayserworth Farm is the location of the photo shoot for our advertising campaign, “Close to our Cows’. This was one of the original farms to supply Sunningdale Dairy and has shared our journey for over 20 years.

The farm is situated at Kaysers Beach, close to our plant based at the East London IDZ. Our relationship started with the original owner John R Sansom, who delivered his first load of milk to us in milk cans on the back of his bakkie. Today, his son Kim, continues this tradition with a modern day take on his father’s ranch style dairy farming technique and now Sundale collects milk from him in milk tankers that control the temperature from farm to factory.

Kayserworth is run by a capable and longstanding staff complement of 46 people, amongst whom are families who started out with his father. Dereck, Keith and Vosloo all celebrated 25 years at Kayserworth this year. In addition to the dairy concern, they also grow lucerne and oats on irrigation-fed land at the Fish River which is used to supplement the diet of the cows to ensure that all their energy and nutritional needs are met. According to Kim the cows stay healthy, then productive and then re-productive.

In keeping with the tradition and methods of old, Kim and his team take good care of the cows at Kayserworth. They practice hoof trimming to maintain the condition of the cows and there are a number of pasture cows on the farm that are currently 13 and 14 years old! The result is that today, Kaysersworth produces 630 000 litres of milk monthly and is a major contributor to the success of business in the region contributing to a strong partnership that supports job creation in the community.